Rollout Progress as of 7 December 2017

Note : I am expecting a large fall of approximately 630,000 premises classified as Ready To Connect by NBN Co in the week of reporting for 14 December 2017. NBN Co have indicated that on Monday 11 December there will be a “roll back” due to the HFC suspension.

See Twitter exchange as follows :

NBN Co Funding from the Australian Taxpayers

With the commercial viability of the NBN Co being called into question¬†and the prospect of a write-down in the Australian Government’s investment becoming more likely, here is an overview of funding provided by Australia’s taxpayers for NBN Co under the different political parties.

Note : For the election year of 2013/14 the funding has been split 50:50 between Labor and the Coalition.

ARPU Progress as of 30 Sep 2017

NBN Co needs to raise ARPU to $52 per month in order to hit its financial projections by 2020.

The below graphs show the ARPU progress and also the contribution from different technology types (AVC revenue only).