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My goal is to promote the cause of ‘Deep Fibre Broadband’ which is needed to power today’s Network Economy.

The end of the 20th Century saw the rise of the digital revolution on the back of the personal computer and development of the software industry.

But the 21st Century is different. Smarter mobile devices and faster broadband is leading to a Network Economy. Connectivity from device to the cloud is crucial.

Deep Fibre based broadband networks for mobile, entertainment and enterprise users are required to deliver the full benefits of the Network Economy

I am currently Chief Technology Officer at Hong Kong Broadband Network (aka HKBN) which I joined in mid-2015. HKBN is as a challenger fibre broadband carrier that has helped propel Hong Kong to the top of the global broadband rankings by building a fibre broadband network without government subsidy or assistance.

Previously, I was the Chief Technology Officer at Australia’s NBN Co from 2009 to 2014. NBN Co, wholly owned by the Australian Government, commenced building a monopoly Fibre to the Premise (GPON) network in 2010 but is now transitioning to a hybrid VDSL and DOCSIS3.1 network.

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